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Re: NFC: mangrove pods (was banana plant)

Kristine - 
	I currently have a half dozen red mangroves in a 20G saltwater 
tank. I had a got them this summer as pods. After a couple weeks, 
roots began growing, followed by the stem and leaves. The roots 
are now about 10" long after 3 months. The stems are of varying 
heights, with the tallest about 8". I have heard reports of the varying 
ability of mangroves to uptake aquarium solutes, and I have found 
them to work quite well and even improve water clarity. Though I 
have them in SW, you could just as easily place them in a 
brackish or full freshwater tank after acclimating them. 
	What I did was stick the pods through a floating piece of 
styrofoam with the lower pod tip 3 or 4 inches through the bottom. I 
have them in a window that receives a lot of sunlight for maximum 
growth. I throw in a couple snails even though algae hasn't been 
much of a problem, because the mangroves can outcompete the 
algae for nutrients. I have found that heating them causes higher 
growth rates.
They are neat plants and can serve many functions in almost any 
tank if you want them to.