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NFC: mangrove pods (was banana plant)

Speaking of mangrove pods.... I got some a year or two ago and have them 
growing nicely in a ten gallon tank with about 4" of aquarium gravel mixed 
w/ a bit of potting soil and varying levels of water (1"-5") so sometimes 
the level is below gravel, sometimes above.  They plants are doing fantastic 
as houseplants in Colorado but I'm wondering if anyone has tried using them 
in their aquariums?  Mine aren't sending out any of the breather roots and 
I'm wondering if it's because they're too young/small (the tallest is about 
2 1/2') or if the water level is so low they simply don't need to.  As it's 
unlikely I'll be able to obtain any more any time soon, I'm reluctant to try 
anything that might kill my plants.

I'd like to hear anyone else's experience with these guys.  They're 
beautiful plants.

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