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NFC: RE: Need Help


There are many collectors here that probably have collected in that area (as
i see from the posts :).  I've past Carbondale dozens of times, but never

Look for local streams (there are plenty in that area), pasture borders
often terminate in nice streams.  To begin collecting, go exploring first.
Check access points.  Ask owners permission.  The Mississippi River offers
tons of access points, contributing rivers and streams.  So, go for a drive!
As for collecting devices, look to a hand net and bucket or long handled dip
net and bucket, or..... (bucket is important:)


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Hi...I was wondering if anyone on this list has had experience
collecting native fish in the lower counties of Southern Illinois or
Central Illinois..I would like to try my hand at collecting but am
clueless where to even begin....I work at Southern Illinois University
in Carbondale Illionis..Thankyou!!  Mike Bernardoni