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Re: NFC: Need Help

Jim Sternberg is in Champaign Urbana and has collected for 40 years in
that neck of the woods...

On Fri, 1 Dec 2000 08:11:45 -0800 (PST) Al G Eaton <sege7_2000 at yahoo_com>
> Its too bad you cant contact Dr Thomerson who recently
> retired from your university... he is an avid fish
> collector both in this country and in south america.  
> You may find someone in your icthyology or biology
> department who is though.  I have collected in Central
> Illinois and can tell you the red shiners in the area
> are  very pretty and easy to catch.  There are also a
> number of darters there and quite a diversity in
> catfish.  In the cypress wetlands of southern Illinois
> you can find such fish as Elassoma zonatum.  Let me
> know when you want to collect and I will see if I can
> shake a weekend loose and join you.
> Klaus
> --- Mike   <mikeb at pso_siu.edu> wrote:
> > Hi...I was wondering if anyone on this list has had
> > experience 
> > collecting native fish in the lower counties of
> > Southern Illinois or 
> > Central Illinois..I would like to try my hand at
> > collecting but am 
> > clueless where to even begin....I work at Southern
> > Illinois University 
> > in Carbondale Illionis..Thankyou!!  Mike Bernardoni
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