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Re: NFC: Need Help

Its too bad you cant contact Dr Thomerson who recently
retired from your university... he is an avid fish
collector both in this country and in south america.  

You may find someone in your icthyology or biology
department who is though.  I have collected in Central
Illinois and can tell you the red shiners in the area
are  very pretty and easy to catch.  There are also a
number of darters there and quite a diversity in
catfish.  In the cypress wetlands of southern Illinois
you can find such fish as Elassoma zonatum.  Let me
know when you want to collect and I will see if I can
shake a weekend loose and join you.


--- Mike   <mikeb at pso_siu.edu> wrote:
> Hi...I was wondering if anyone on this list has had
> experience 
> collecting native fish in the lower counties of
> Southern Illinois or 
> Central Illinois..I would like to try my hand at
> collecting but am 
> clueless where to even begin....I work at Southern
> Illinois University 
> in Carbondale Illionis..Thankyou!!  Mike Bernardoni

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