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Re: NFC: Need Help

Mike, there are a few people from Illinois on the list and hopefully they
will assist you. I live in SE Wisconsin (near Racine) and if you ever want
to put a collecting trip together keep me in mind, I don't mind driving. I
can also host if you don't mind heading "up north" once in a while. We have
several good collecting sites in the area. (Of course I ain't doing nothing
till the warm weather returns! haha Unless of course I get those insulated
waders I asked Santa for....) I'll drop you a note next time we plan an


Hi...I was wondering if anyone on this list has had experience
collecting native fish in the lower counties of Southern Illinois or
Central Illinois..I would like to try my hand at collecting but am
clueless where to even begin....I work at Southern Illinois University
in Carbondale Illionis..Thankyou!!  Mike Bernardoni