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Fw: RE: NFCPonds: NFC: Auction Update...Pond Consultant added

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From: Brad Kerr <brad at aquahabitat_com>
To: "'robertrice at juno_com'" robertrice at juno_com


I don't know why I didn't offer this earlier.  Guess I was just too busy 
working.   I will throw in an hour of  biological consultation to your 
auction.  I charge $125 an hour at retail for design work in aquatic 
habitats.   If the winning bidder needs a bit more than an hour, I won't 
charge them.  I can usually do quite a lot to help a person develop or 
improve their ponds in this amount of time.

You can also let everyone know they are all "instant winners"  of free 
email accounts at  www.TroutHooker.net  which is  a deal I put together 
mostly for fun and to promote my services a bit.   I will be out of town 
this weekend starting Friday afternoon, but I should have my cell phone 
with me and it will work a couple hours 'til I disappear into the 

Good luck with the rest of the auction!

Brad Kerr
Fishery Biologist
Spring Creek Aquatic Concepts
'Planning, design and management of lakes, ponds and streams'