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Re: NFC: Auction Update...A Box of Plants has been added

> robertrice at juno_com wrote:
> Box #4 A Late Addition of Plants from Josh Weigert
> 1 Big Bunch Java Moss
> 1 Big Bunch Nitella (floating plant)
> 1 Small Anubians nanna
> 1 Bunch each: Scarlette Hygro, Green Hygro, Bacopa

I'll bid $10 on this, on the condition the green hygro is left out, should I
win. That one has gone on a noxious weed list in CA, so would be illegal to
send here, any more.

We do have lots in the hobby, so only the new store (and customers) is hurt
by this. We do try to make sure that those who have it are aware that it
should not be allowed to wash into any CA waters, tho.

The hilarious stuff you get when you try to get government to fix a problem
is apparent here. Water Hyacinth is sold at all nurseries for ponds, with no
restriction. The noxiousness is quite apparent if you try to boat anywhere
in the Sacramento Delta area. I have looked closely at CA waters from below
San Diego to above Burney Falls in recent years, and have *never* seen hygro
growing wild. :-) It probably does, but isn't a very obvious problem plant,
to me.



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