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Re: NFC: Current Bids

On 29 Nov 2000, at 14:22, robert a rice wrote:

> Box #1 of the NFC auction was Donated by Klaus S.
> It Will include.
> Notropis chrosomus        rainbow shiner
> Cyprinella trichloresta   tri-color shiner
> Phoxinus erythrogaster    Southern Red Belly Dace
> 1 pr mystery darter       Depends on what I catch this
> weekend .... stay tuned.  at least 15 fish

I see nobody is bidding on this, so I will open with $10.  I can't 
legally collect SRBD in Mississippi, even though there is a non-
endangered population in the northeast corner of the state (they are 
listed in MS).  So it's worth a few bucks just for these guys.


It makes me mad when I go to all the trouble of having Marta cook up about
a hundred drumsticks, and the guy at the Marineland says, "You can't throw
chicken to the dolphins. They eat fish." Sure they eat fish, if that's all
you give them. Man, wise up.