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Re: NFC: Re: mystery exotic catfish

Sajjad Lateef wrote:
>         Re: The unidentified catfish.
>         Why don't you send pics of the catfish to some catfish expert like
> Lee Finley or someone at TFH (tfhfish at tfh_com)? They ought to be able to
> identify them.

That latter authority wouldn't mean much to those who have been there a

TFH has an almost perfect, unblemished record as the industry leader in
inaccurate captions in their publications. Whenever the author was
unavailable, to correct their mistakes, the junior editors at TFH have done
major damage to some important works, like Scheel's Atlas, Rataj and
Horeman's _Aquarium Plants_, etc.

As a result, I never use any TFH publication for ID anymore, nor do I
subscribe to anything they publish. YMMV, but beware of *anything* they
identify. It could be correct, but their credibility is long since lost for

I was about to say that the last good publication they did was my 1956
edition of Axelrod and Schultz, _Handbook of Tropical Aquarium Fishes_, but
I bothered to check. It was apparently before TFH was started, and actually
published by McGraw-Hill. :-)



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