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NFC: Plain Text Reduction :) Auction Current Bids

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Sent: Wednesday, November 29, 2000 7:25 PM
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Subject: NFC: Auction Current Bids

Updated bids
Auction IS ON Until Sunday 5 PM EST bid online...all bids include Postage
NFC MEMBERS ONLY may Win Bid right here online. Good luck

Box #1 of the NFC auction was Donated by Klause S.                     $10
Ty Hall

It Will include.

Notropis chrosomus        rainbow shiner
Cyprinella trichloresta   tri-color shiner
Phoxinus erythrogaster    Southern Red Belly Dace
1 pr mystery darter       Depends on what I catch this
weekend .... stay tuned.  at least 15 fish

Box #2 Donated By Bruce Scott :                                      $15
Charles Anderton
6 tadpole madtoms (N.gyrinus)
6 dwarf crayfish  (C.shufedtii)
4 golden topminnows (F.chrysotus)
4 pumpkinseed sunfish (L.gibbosus)

Box #3 Donated by James Guppenberg                                      $15
Wright Huntley

Guaranteed 25 FISH!
Mixed variety of
Fundulus Chrysotus
Jordanella floridae
Lucania goodei
Heterandria formosa
cyprinadon- fresh water sheepshead minnows
(be the first on your block to own one)

Robert Rice
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