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NFC: Various e-mail issues

There is an option that is available to us and it is called
www.intranets.com.  A friend of mine has used this for another organization
that he runs and it has been very favorably received. In it you can have
e-mail, document storage, calenders, chats and many other options. Best of
all it's free.

I have already secured a intranets page called the Nativefishconservency
and done some basic setup.

If anyone is interested they can send me a note and I will register you (no
obligation or cost) and provide the url for you to go to and check it out.
I think it's a great tool and could go along way to solving some of the
problems I have seen raised.

If you go to the www.intranets.com url you can view a short demo that gives
you a basic idea of what this tool can do.

If no one likes it we don't have to use it.