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NFC: RE: Current Bids

UMIMED auction list below.  I'm not sure Mimed is the right word for it.
It's html code, and many email clients (as stated by someone) will not
receive it as an HTML email or it will show HTML tags which clutter up the
works.  The method for changing the format of email to plain text for IE 4.0
and above, is to go to Format, and click plain text after one has replied to
an HTML email.  First tell tale of an HTML email is the change in font sizes
and vertical lines.  Color, pictures showing and so forth are HTML.  Also,
the options for IE 4.0 + will give the option to send in HTML or text.

In netscape 4.0 go to preferences - mail & groups - messages and click the
"by default, send HTML messages" off.

Anyway, all emails follow some MIME code, MIME = Multipurpose Internet Mail


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Sent: Wednesday, November 29, 2000 2:22 PM
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Subject: NFC: Current Bids

Updated bids
Auction IS ON Until Sunday 5 PM EST bid online...all bids include Postage
NFC MEMBERS ONLY may Win Bid right here online. Good luck

Box #1 of the NFC auction was Donated by Klause S.

It Will include.

Notropis chrosomus        rainbow shiner
Cyprinella trichloresta   tri-color shiner
Phoxinus erythrogaster    Southern Red Belly Dace
1 pr mystery darter       Depends on what I catch this
weekend .... stay tuned.  at least 15 fish

Box #2 Donated By Bruce Scott :                                      $10 Ty

6 tadpole madtoms (N.gyrinus)
6 dwarf crayfish  (C.shufedtii)
4 golden topminnows (F.chrysotus)
4 pumpkinseed sunfish (L.gibbosus)

Box #3 Donated by James Guppenberg                                      $15
Wright Huntley

Guaranteed 25 FISH!
Mixed variety of
Fundulus Chrysotus
Jordanella floridae
Lucania goodei
Heterandria formosa
cyprinadon- fresh water sheepshead minnows
(be the first on your block to own one)

Robert Rice
Save those Fishes,  Join the Native Fish Conservancy
Love those gartersnakes? visit

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