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MIME (was (again) Re: NFC: Re: Re: Native Fish Conservancy Digest V2 #342)

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>            "Jim Capelle" <JCapelle at tampabay_rr.com>
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> Who is sending MIME format?  Maybe the person or me doesn't know it's happening to be able to fix it.  Thank You   JiM C.

BINGO! I think you have it!

Well, *you* just sent this one in MIME 1.0, Jim. (^_^)

It's trivial to expand your headers and see what "MIME-Version" and
"Content-Type" are in a message from you coming back off the list. I
converted the part I needed to copy and paste to "plain text," to be able to
re-post it here. It will not quote properly in Netscape Messenger. IDK about
other mail editors.

If the font doesn't look like an old typewriter, you can be pretty sure it's
not in "plain text" in most systems.

Robert's most recent postings have had the same problem. The auction font
size was so different for different items that they were not readily
readable, and I have a 21" high-resolution monitor! The third item would
have been unresolvable on a 14" monitor, for many of us.

Failure to check the "Wrap Words?" box also makes text run off the page and
behave badly when quoted. Always set line length to well under 80
characters, and check that box, too, for easiest use.

Believe us. "MIME-multipart/alternative; boundary" doesn't work for lists
and newsgroups, and HTML is a mess if you try to use *any* color in text
material or background. The "Content-Type" should always be "plain text" or
"US ASCII" or some variation thereon.


We now return you to your regularly scheduled vote-recount program.


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