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MIME (was Re: NFC: Re: Native Fish Conservancy Digest V2 #342)

Gacdac at aol_com wrote:
> I wonder how many members have the ability to read mail in the MIME format.
> Unless there is a significant number, I feel that it is very rude to send
> e-mail in this format as I have not taken up Chinese when I was in school.

Unfortunately, it has become the default format for many new users, who
don't know how to turn it off when they post mail. It is a PC/MAC-specific
encoding that most mail servers (usually Unix) can't handle properly. In
addition, the childish feud between programmers at NetScrape and Microslush
has hashed the standards, so MIME generated by one is nearly unreadable in
the other's editor, deliberately. [I despise fine-line black letters in 4
point type on a dark brown background.]

The solution is for *everyone* to learn to set their editors to send only
"plain text" or ASCII to any list or newsgroup. Use "Help" or "Edit
Preferences" to find out how.

I won't go off on my usual tirade about failure to edit the automatic
Subject: line, when posting from the digest. OK? ;-)




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