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Re: NFC: Re: mystery exotic catfish taken on Titusville FLweekend fishing trip

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From: Wright Huntley
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Sent: Tuesday, November 28, 2000 4:53 PM
Subject: Re: NFC: Re: mystery exotic catfish taken on Titusville FLweekend fishing trip

Doug Dame wrote:

> Average travel per Exo-buster on the Titusville mission was approx 168 miles per person for the round-trip. A figure that I am hereby forwarding the official NFC Department of Statistics for consideration as an all-time ERP mission record.

NFC DOS Alert!

The DSAC ( What is DSAC?)work trips are also primarily exotic-removal exercises, and I think
we have you beat on miles. I have been doing about 4 trips per year, lately,
and the average mileage is about 1500 per trip (max just over 1700). There
are about a half-dozen regulars from Northern CA making the trips at least
*twice* a year, so the total man(woman) miles is getting impressive.

We haven't found any exotic cats, tho, recently. Ours are mostly red shiners
(yes, exotics in NV rivers), damnbusia, mollies, guppies, bullfrogs, crayfish and bass.
Sounds like natives to me except the guppies ( really think you got two kinds of damnbusia and got confussed and just called one a guppy).  ~(:>))

Pity we live in a state that forbids us to "do good" here. I'd *love* a trip
under 200 miles. My old Subaru is starting to groan.
So sounds like you leave your state to do your good deeds.  Hey yo'all up there in Alabama or Georgia needs some help with your exotics from us  in Florida, just so we can keep our mileage up?



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