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Re: NFC: Re: mystery exotic catfish taken on Titusville FLweekend fishing trip

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From: Doug Dame
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Sent: Tuesday, November 28, 2000 4:33 PM
Subject: Re: NFC: Re: mystery exotic catfish taken on Titusville FLweekend fishing trip

Scott Goett asked:

>>  How many of those fish did you manage to
>>  collect?  If you get them to stay alive and
>>  possibly breed would you be interested in
> > selling one? 

In the exact same location, we also found three brown plecos (?sp), all about 3".  Chris has those. And of course there are a gazillion pleco species, too.
I got one of the pleco's too!

Well, that's an excellent idea ... and by AMAZING coincidence, right now the Central Florida Exotic Removal Team is offering a limited-time, internet-only, offer ... Buy One Expedition Ticket Now, and Get a Second Expedition Ticket Absolutely Free !!!!    (While supplies last.)
OH goodie, I like trips, where is this one to?  Can I bring a net and a pair of clean socks too? 

You may have noticed that Jim has suggested that the next "central" florida ERP mission be a "little more central" ... but it would seem that would depend on (a) where folks are coming from, and (b) where the exotics are reputed to be.
I'll be checking out local spots around here. But I do think there is pleco nesting in the man made pond behind my house.  I know there are a few Tilapia too.  I'll be on duty for the next two weekends (with the (as Chris would say) not so real military, just the full time Army National Guard)

Average travel per Exo-buster on the Titusville mission was approx 168 miles per person for the round-trip. A figure that I am hereby forwarding the official NFC Department of Statistics for consideration as an all-time ERP mission record.
Not good math here, Chris (I believe) was local to that location, you came 120 miles one-way,  I came 110 miles one way, so he kills our Average.  So 230 miles is a true Average,( I think).  


Doug "the other other Bucket Boy" Dame
Now you are a duel person here.  You did two jobs at once, the O.O. Bucket Boy and S. Net center person and should we not forget the cheering section when Chris and I  stepped(?) into the deep holes by surprise.
Interlachen FL

Later now.  From the real old bald man of this trip.  JiM C.