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Re: NFC: Re: mystery exotic catfish taken on Titusville FLweekend fishing trip

Scott Goett asked: 

>>  How many of those fish did you manage to 
>>  collect?  If you get them to stay alive and 
>>  possibly breed would you be interested in 
> > selling one?  

In the way of exotics, we caught only eight of these mystery Exo-cats (tm), all 2", ... Chris Guppenberger and Jim Capelle took three each and I kept two. Sex distribution unknown. However, on a previous visit to this same location (Chris: any reason why we shouldn't name the location?), Team Leader Guppenberger scooped up 30 or 40, apparently with less effort than we expended getting the second batch on Sunday. (In a subsequent piece of as-yet-unpublished accidental research, he discovered that the flagfish and these Exo-cats (tm) do not socialize at all well, to the detriment of the Exo-cats.)

Unless these guys are identified (quickly) as benign characters eminently suited for life in mixed (predominantly killie) community tanks, I wouldn't have an interest in keeping my two for the long-term. (Note the semantic precision ... two fish, not a pair.) So most likely "mine" will end up on the NFC auction block. Jim & Chris will have to themselves speak to the specimens in their custody. 

However, given that it's almost guaranteed that there's more of these critters out there, seems like we really will need to go back and try to yank out more. I would assume that, regardless of the fate of these specific eight specimens, more of the same type will thus be showing up on NFC auctions sooner or later. Not knowing what they are, what their biology is, nor their current level of infestation and geographical spread, it's impossible to say if manual extirpation of this feral population is even a viable possibility. But the best outcome would be to get rid of it, rather than keeping it as a perpetually harvestable resource.  

In the exact same location, we also found three brown plecos (?sp), all about 3".  Chris has those. And of course there are a gazillion pleco species, too. 

>>  Unless I ever get out there and catch a some myself.

Well, that's an excellent idea ... and by AMAZING coincidence, right now the Central Florida Exotic Removal Team is offering a limited-time, internet-only, offer ... Buy One Expedition Ticket Now, and Get a Second Expedition Ticket Absolutely Free !!!!    (While supplies last.) 

You may have noticed that Jim has suggested that the next "central" florida ERP mission be a "little more central" ... but it would seem that would depend on (a) where folks are coming from, and (b) where the exotics are reputed to be. 

Average travel per Exo-buster on the Titusville mission was approx 168 miles per person for the round-trip. A figure that I am hereby forwarding the official NFC Department of Statistics for consideration as an all-time ERP mission record. 


Doug "the other other Bucket Boy" Dame
Interlachen FL