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NFC: Conservation minded sportsmen tell us your story and win a free NFC membership!!

From The NFC Fishing Site at

Are you a sportsman who is involved in Native fish Conservation?

If so your story should be here !

All Across this continent Fishermen are the eyes and ears of conservation.They see the smallest of changes in water quality. Many Fishermen have seen the degradation of our streams, rivers lakes and ponds first hand. We want Fishermen to now become the hands of conservation.

This Homepage was set up to do two things.First off we will tell the stories of individuals or groups who are making a hands on difference in their local waterways. If you know of someone , somewhere that has made a difference in your local waterways we'd like to put their story on THIS page . They deserve our support and recognition. If your story is published here you win a FREE 1 Year NFC membership and a shot of publicity here on this site.We plan to rotate stories quarterly.Write president at nfc_org with your nominations.