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Re: NFC: Weekend fishin trip (Titusville) .... fish losses

Did you guys say you had a picture of these mystery cats?  I guess I accidentally deleted that message if you sent it around.  Can you send it to me so I can see one?  I have a bit of an addiction to catfish.


Doug Dame wrote:

> Jim Capelle wrote:
> >>  I lost about six fish on the trip home and over night,
> >> not bad odds.  I got a few that I am treating for one thing
> >>  or another.  The So. Amer. catfish (maybe, the vote on
> > > the pictures haven't be recounted yet) are showing
> >>  good color and swimming around.  My old Flag fish is
> >>  in shock, with all the babies swimming around his tank.
> >>  I should have warned him what it is like to be a
> >>  grandfather figure.
> I had one dead Heter in the cooler when I got home, which surprised me a bit, since (a) they usually travel extremely well, and (b) I hadn't intended to bring home any Heter.
> And the silversides seemed okay last night and also this morning, which REALLY surprises me. I haven't had a chance to look at them real closely yet, maybe they're not the standard brook silverside that are so fragile. (And I was amazed to see that my new Fishes of Virginia book says they'll leap out of the water to bag flying insects or escape predators ... I thought it was pretty well established that if air hits their gills, they're goners, pure and simple.)
> The "Mystery Exo[tic]-Cats" seem to be fine, also. They were active this morning when I shot in some fresh water to bring them up to about 70% their water to 30% my water. I fed 'em some frozen brine shrimp last night, but moved on down the line without waiting to see if they'd recognize that as food or not. I'm very keen to find out what these little geezers are.
> Time will tell, of course, but so far I have only that one loss out of about 60 or 70 fish I brought back yesterday, and nobody looking notably dismal ... I'll take that anyday.
>  (If Chris comes up any survival-to-home stats, don't trust 'em. .... he's got a couple of those southern dimple fish, and you couldn't kill those things if you hit 'em on the head with a metal stick with a big knob on the end ...)
> But speaking of geezers,
> >>  WITH GREAT SMILES, old baldy
> >>      ~(:>))   JiM C.
> You can't unilaterally declare yourself "old baldy" .... SHOW ME THE VOTES !!!!
> Doug Dame
> Interlachen FL