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Re: NFC: bulletin board

Robert Rice wrote:

>>  ive set up a forum on my gartersnake site and 
>>  would like folks to check it out to see if  it is 
>>  something we want to put on the NFC site

I assume (I didn't check) there's not a list-server powered email list for the gartersnake site as we have with NFC and it's various lists ... given that the archives of the NFC lists are directly searchable from the web-site (i.e., first-time visitors can assess historic knowledge shared by others, without having to subscribe themselves) .... 
 ... what's the benefit of splitting this information and interactions into two separate locations/modes ?  
95-99% of the info-seeker/sharers (let's call "regulars," since we need a convenient demographic label to stick on the their foreheads) would then have to check two different places regularly (?daily), so that the 1-5% of other info-seekers/sharers (let's call them "non-regulars", because we don't actually know enough about them to stereotype them appropriately) can "talk" to people more easily, and not have to bother with looking for a FAQ or attempting to searching the archives. 

There's a lot of "web-site forums" out there that were undoubtedly created with great intentions, but then after a while show a single thread started and puttering out every month or two. And so creates a strong impression to the newly arrived web-traveler that he/she has arrived in Deadsville, where there's nothing going on, except the back button train right out of town.

Better, I think, to simply direct them to the list and it's archives, these things clearly indicate there is an active & dynamic community interacting all the time. Encourage these "non-regulars" to subscribe to the NFC list if they have any interest at all, and if they find after a few days or a week it's not what they were hoping to find, they can unsubscribe. (Unlike some notable internet organizations, NFC has not ... yet ... adopted an un-subscription fee as it's primary alleged mode of financial support.)

But that's just my opinion, I'm sure we'll hear others too.

Doug Dame
Interlachen FL