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Re: Damnbusia (was Re: NFC: Weekend fishin trip..and Gold Ball fish...)

I have only had success with babies from my G. Holbrooki when I separate a
single female into a two gallon all of her own crammed with plastic plants
or plastic netting.  Otherwise, I think the other fish take position under
the birthing female to feast.  They also seem to have a longer gestation
period longer than my other fish regardless of the temperature.  Average
broods have been about 20.  Only my males have black spots.  Would like to
have some black spotted females.  Have seen pictures of males that were
almost totally black.
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Subject: Damnbusia (was Re: NFC: Weekend fishin trip..and Gold Ball fish...)

> Jim said he seeded the 17th green....
> Please don't ever return non-natives to the wild! :^)
> BTW, getting back to Damnbusia (referred to earlier in the thread as
> damppussia), I brought back a couple of pairs of (probably) G. holbrooki
> from Avon Park, after the AKA convention. The females have looked
> and all have matured nicely, but I have seen not one single baby from
> They are in a 20G Long, all by themselves, with a heavy cover of floating
> water sprite, duckweed, salvinia, etc. Roots are much too dense for
> to penetrate. The males are heavily black marbled, but the females are
> Any clues? Do I need higher temps.? (They are probably in low 70s) I'm
> mystified, right now.
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