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Re: NFC: Weekend fishin trip......

Karotin Bugsy wrote:
> hehe..... my email address is in the header of each
> message I send ....sege7_2000 at yahoo_com

Headers are shown differently by different mail programs. My Netscape
Messenger has three kinds -- "All," "Normal," and "Brief." The "View" menu
lets you choose which one. I always use "Normal" as it gives "subject,"
"date," "from," "reply to" and "reply" above each message. "Brief" doesn't
tell nearly enough, and "All" is only useful for tracing mischievous or SPAM
postings that use an alias. [Always use it in forwarding complaints to a
postmaster, BTW, so they can *find* the culprit.]

Unfortunately, some programs sold to less-experienced 'net users come with
the setting preset on "Brief," and some of those apparently don't even show
a "From:" line. Until those folks adjust their settings, they simply cannot
see your address in the header. I respectfully suggest that they check their
instructions or help files and get their setting to show the above-mentioned
more useful items.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled auction/collections/golf-ball
disinformation channel. :^)



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