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Re: NFC: Weekend fishin trip......

Well as I see Chris is taken care of the picture, my vote is now Pauauchenipterus galeatus by looking at the tail shape and coloring showing today.
As to the "damp fish", which is related to Dambusia, yes they must have had their fertility shots, they were many young and one tends to think they were born ready to drop their own fry, which would repeat the process, until we get net full every try. 
Now if your a Northern with your lakes and rivers freezing over, I can make a good deal ~(:>)) on the very extraordinary exotic fish, but being a former Northern myself I would like you find a picture and list for Gambusia rhizophornea.  Oh ya, I can get them in Gold too, about the same color of the Gold Ball fish, I will not guarantee how long they will live. ~(:>))     JiM C.
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Take a picture Jim and I will send it to Ingo who will
be able to id it.

BTW, have those damp fish had all their
shots?...enquiring minds want to know before the
bidding begins.  I have a slightly used model of one
from Cameroon I would be willing to trade in if we can
work something out. LOL


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