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Re: NFC: Weekend fishin trip......

You guys get anything good.  Sorry I didn't show.  I really wanted to go.  But I
was down in South FL visiting the family and I think even if I tried to get up
here the stinking traffic would have screwed me up.  Did anyone that lives near
me (Gainesville) get any extra mollies I can possibly have.  I have been wanting
to get some so I can let them breed in my extra tank so I can feed them as a
treat to some of my other fish but I haven't been able to get out collecting
yet.  Anything else extra you may have wouldn't bother me either.


"James C. Guppenberger" wrote:

> A few points are due for Doug and Jim.... as this weekends trip scored
> natives as well as exotics!  I'll save the stories for them to tell.....
> Hope they leave out the part where I screamed like a girl when the big brown
> hairy water spider tried to abduct me.
> I should have pleanty extra fish for the NFC auction, so whoever is running
> that show contact me directly at.....
> jcguppy at gnc_net
> Take care,
> Chris Guppenberger
> "The ERP" bucket boy

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