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Re: NFC: Filter types

Nice pic, but does he plan on posting instructions on how to make one?


At the annual AKA (killifish) convention in Tampa, last May, Henri Debruyn
made a powerful pitch for the benefits of wet-dry filters.

He lives half the year in Belgium and half in FL, so *has* to make his
as maintenance-free as possible. He showed a homemade design for a simple
filter that he uses on all his small tanks. They make it easier for others
to take care of the tanks. Get this link all on one line, if you can:


If that doesn't work for you, go to
and click on the convention link.

Henri made a most persuasive argument that sponge, cannister, and under
gravel filters maintain the biofiltering (aerobic!) bacteria inside the
tank, where they compete with the fish for precious oxygen. The wet-dry
moves them out and gives the return water a maximum shot of oxygen.

His winning fish at all recent shows he enters are a persuasive point that
he's doing something right.