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Re: NFC: Re: dwarf crayfish

James wrote: 

>>  But I am curious at 1 1/2" isn't that just about 
>>  jambalaya size????

Well,  I guess it would be, if you could eat just one.

While I will defer to the expertise of the real & honorary cajuns on this list, my recollection is that a good-size portion of Jambalaya would call for approx. 1  bushels of crawdad per person. Maybe 2, if you were planning to start eating in the morning, say at ten or before; maybe just 1, if the jambalaya was just an appetizer, and the main course was say soft shell crab po'boys like I thoroughly enjoyed  in NawLins a few weeks ago. 

You WOULD NOT want to be accused of skimping on the ingredients when there's serious eatin' to be done ....

Doug Dame
Interlachen FL
* home of Barnum's Famous Dwarf Crawdads
* buy two hundred, get one free
* 3 shows daily, at breakfast, lunch & supper time