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Re: NFC: Re: dwarf crayfish - Not!

At 7:22 AM -0800 11/21/00, Karotin Bugsy wrote:
> That would be barbicambarus a truly spectacular
>species found in south central KY.  I have caught them
>in the Barren River system as well as in the Green
>River.  I large one is truly stunning....here is a pic
>of one on a site... I have some pics somewhere too.
>It is a very large crayfish ...not sure how it stacks
>up against other large crayfish like the one on the
>missouri site I had in yesterday's post!

That must be the one Pat brought back from Kentucky.  Biggest dad gum
crawdad I've ever seen!  I've got it pickled now.

Columbus Ohio USA            <))><
mbinkley at columbus_rr.com

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