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Re: NFC: Cooler water

Ty_Hall at eFunds_Com wrote:
> What about using a pump to take the water and run it through a small
> radiator, like they use in automotive applications? A small fan could be
> directed at the radiator, there by cooling the water as it passes through.
> The only bad part I see is that this would heat the air around the
> radiator, so it would have to be in a different room or have the air
> somehow redirected after passing. Possibly place the radiator in some kind
> of duct that vents to the out of doors.

Without evaporation to convert the heat of the air to another form (e.g.,
water vapor), the water would just be brought *up* to air temperature, that
way. In most cases where we need tank cooling, the air temperature is way
above what we want for the water.

In an automobile the air is quite cold compared to the near-boiling water
temps., so heat is transferred away from the water/coolant.



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