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Re: NFC: Cooler water

What about using a pump to take the water and run it through a small
radiator, like they use in automotive applications? A small fan could be
directed at the radiator, there by cooling the water as it passes through.
The only bad part I see is that this would heat the air around the
radiator, so it would have to be in a different room or have the air
somehow redirected after passing. Possibly place the radiator in some kind
of duct that vents to the out of doors.


I have an idea of using a water cooler condenser. It is smaller than a
humidifier and does not produce a lot of condensate. Also with the volume
water flowing through the cooling chamber the only addition needed would be
a thermostat for the tank to engage the cooler when needed. Since all
components will be separate from the tank there should be little need for
concern of pollutants. Thought has been given to this but with any home
modified system there are bugs to be worked out as you go along.