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Re: NFC: Cooler water

:) I lived year for a long time before I figured it out.  "swamp box" is 
what they call evaporative coolers in Denver.  If you haven't ever seen one, 
they're pretty neat.  A big square box with straw pads on three sides.  
There is a water resevoir on the bottom.  A pump brings the water up & lets 
it trickle down through the pads.  A big fan blows out the fourth side--into 
the house.  The air gets cooled off substantially as it is sucked through 
the wet straw pads.  They work great...almost too well...as long as the 
outside air is pretty arid.  They don't work so great on humid days.  Of 
course the best part is they're much more environmentally friendly than an 
AC unit.  My electric bill goes up about $1.50/month using them to cool a 2 
bedroom house 20 degrees.

(you should see some of the things I conjured up in mind to fit the name 
'swamp box' before I found out what one really was...I had a little 
ecosystem hanging from all my coworkers' windows, complete with cattails & 
mosquito larvae)

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>OK.  I have to ask... What is a swamp box?!

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