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Re: NFC: Cooler water

At 2:10 PM -0600 11/16/00, Kristine Weisbrod Massin wrote:
>They do humidify the air in a house.  I live in Colorado. This summer the
>average humidity outside was 7%...the temp was over 90 essentially the
>entire summer.  This was not good for me, my plants, my snakes, or my fish
>tanks from which so much water was evaporating that they were losing about
>an 1" every 3 days...substantially raising the water hardness.  I ran a BIG
>swamp box (aka evaporative cooler) for the whole house.  It dropped the air
>temp about 20 degrees F if left on low 24/7 and raised the humidity to about
>40%...I also added humidifiers in my house to get my humidity back up to the
>70% mark I like it at.  So depending on where you're at, the added humidity
>can be a good thing.  Also, if you live in an older wood house, keeping the
>house humidified is better for the wood.  These new air-tight houses are a
>completely different story of course.

OK.  I have to ask... What is a swamp box?!