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Re: NFC: NFC Breeders club

The Prez wrote: 

>>  The Breeders club is still out there and still moving along ....
>>  Here is our need list in no particular order. 

>>  1.Administrators to keep accurate counts of breeders club 
>>  members and the fish they are working with. 

Sounds like a database-y kind of thing. Right up my alley. And I'm very much interested, professionally and personally, in using technology to facilitate communication and sharing of information (aka knowledge management), and figuring out how to do so in ways that are relatively painless for the info-givee (so to speak).  So I could work on that. 

>>  2.Editors to publish the breeders Club Ezine online 
>>  magazine

I don't see an example of that at NFC-online to see exactly what you're talking about, but I could be a JUNIOR editor/compiler of stuff. 

In saying that, I have to note some prejudices. IMO, in regards to all these fishy things (I'm also into Killies), we do not share enough information. Why is that? Fish people are almost without exception some of the nicest and most helpful people you can find. 

I believe it's primarily because the main medium for systematically sharing information (amongst hobbyists) has traditionally been publishing articles in the mags ... and the work involved in creating "publication quality" works is a major barrier for most people. So they typically don't ever get started. Contrast that with the use of list-servers and the like .... if there's a thread upon which you have knowledge to add, or wish to dispute someone else's statements, you can spontaneous and instantly jump in. It's "peer-reviewed" in the sense that while dubious assertions "make it into  print," such comments are usually challenged quickly, and a consensus then arises from the preponderance of the "evidence" (or doesn't, sometimes.) 

Without writing an epic here, I'll just say that what I consider a near-perfect example of what I see as the way to get maximum bang for the buck in effectively sharing information is what Tom Grady has done in compiling postings (f. KillieTalk) on certain topics. For an example, see http://www.travelnutz.com/Killifish/encyclopaedia/hatchingfry.htm . It's kinda like building a FAQ one item at a time, as the information presents itself, and it's manageable and do-able because it's done in bite-size chunks. It is of course always a challenge to keep up with these things once started, as we all know; despite the best of intentions. all of us have many other aspects of our lives clamoring for attention.

Doug Dame
Interlachen FL