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NFC: Re: Fw: Urge President Clinton to Leave an Environmental Legacy

Oh Lordy no.  Pres. Clinton is doing all the wrong things in the name of
environmentalism.  Let the lame duck leave.  The Sierra Club is pounding on
him daily about this roadless initiative, which would cripple the US Forest
service and make it so only the Sierra Club type folks could use the
forests.  4x4's, ATVs, horses, and mountain bikes would no longer be allowed
in national forests.  As someone who spends two or three weekends a month
enjoying our national forests, I'd just as soon keep the presidents hands
OUT.  My state has been losing legal trails like crazy because of this
administration.  But ATV and 4x4 sales are on the rise.  Where do they all
go?  Illegal private lands, where nobody is around to regulate their use.

This administration has already left an environmental legacy behind.  One
that I'm hoping George Dubya will fix when they finally let him in.  What a

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> Dear Members,
> Don't let a museum be the only place our grandchildren see wild Snake
> River salmon.  Tell President Clinton we need his leadership to save
> them.  Without it, Snake River spring and summer chinook could be
> extinct by 2017.  Wild Snake River salmon runs were once millions
> strong.  Since four dams were built on the lower river, they have
> plummeted towards extinction.  The federal recovery plan won't work.
> It relies on the same failed strategies we have tried for over 20
> years.  Tell the White House we must be ready to remove the Lower
> Snake dams in five years unless wild salmon are recovering.
> American Rivers and other regional and national conservation groups
> have begun two newspaper ad campaigns in the Northwest advocating a
> stronger salmon plan from the Clinton Administration.
> To view this full-page newspaper advertisement, visit
> www.amrivers.org/content/clintonsalmonlegacyad.pdf
> To email President Clinton, visit www.americanrivers.org/takeaction
> and click on "Urge President Clinton to Leave an Environental Legacy"

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