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NFC: NFC Breeders club


The Breeders club is still out there and still moving along. Since it's
inception it has tried a variety of things to be self supporting and to
serve conservation. Some have succeeded some have not. That is part of
the growing up proccess of this organization within an organization.

We have dozens of species being bred but we have struggled to make it
financially self supporting. To be honest to make it to the next level we
need LEADERS to take an active role in this program. Here is our need
list in no particular order. BP Dues have been waived and all current
members will be given an additional year of NFC and Breeders Club
membership assuming you are in good standing. BP  folks will get me a
list I hope :)

1.Administrators to keep accurate counts of breeders club members and the
fish they are working with. 

2.Editors to publish the breeders Club Ezine online magazine

3. Individuals to cordinate our  collecting permits ...so we are working
with the common and uncommon fishes and following all state and federal

4. Leaders to pick a project that the Breeders club financial rewards can
support. Projects sugested include the desert fishes council, the nature
conservancy and Adopt a Tank

5. Someone to negotiate the sale of our fishes we produce. We have had
quries from 3 wholesalers. Or should we stay on list.

Robert Rice
Save those Fishes,  Join the Native Fish Conservancy
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