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NFC: Fw: Urge President Clinton to Leave an Environmental Legacy

Dear Members,

Don't let a museum be the only place our grandchildren see wild Snake 
River salmon.  Tell President Clinton we need his leadership to save 
them.  Without it, Snake River spring and summer chinook could be 
extinct by 2017.  Wild Snake River salmon runs were once millions 
strong.  Since four dams were built on the lower river, they have 
plummeted towards extinction.  The federal recovery plan won't work.  
It relies on the same failed strategies we have tried for over 20 
years.  Tell the White House we must be ready to remove the Lower 
Snake dams in five years unless wild salmon are recovering.

American Rivers and other regional and national conservation groups 
have begun two newspaper ad campaigns in the Northwest advocating a 
stronger salmon plan from the Clinton Administration.  

To view this full-page newspaper advertisement, visit 

To email President Clinton, visit www.americanrivers.org/takeaction 
and click on "Urge President Clinton to Leave an Environental Legacy"