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NFC: Book For Sale/ Adopt-A-Tank


I am parting with my copy of  "Atlas of North American Freshwater Fishes" by
Lee, Gilbert, Hocutt, et al. NC state Museum of Natural History. 850+ pages.
Massive, four inch thick, semi-loose leaf paperback with binding pins. First
edition with one set of errata from April 1981. Front cover has minor
scuffing and on small (1/4") tear. Otherwise, it is in fine condition. Each
spp of fish has it's own page, with black and white photo (or line drawing),
Type Locality, Systematics, Distribution and Habitat, Adult size and Biology
information.  Each page has a map showing collection locations on major
stream systems within the locality.  Best offer. Trades possible. Private
mail only please so as not to clutter the list.

Can someone write and tell me about their experience with the Adopt-A-Tank
program. How does this work? My sons preschool really need a nice aquarium!!


Brian Perkins
West Linn, OR