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Re: NFC: Cooler water

On 13 Nov 2000, at 10:11, Wright Huntley wrote:

> Recently Robert posted a neat article on the Flagfin Shiner, but the
> temperature requirements were pretty tough for me to maintain.

I don't know what he posted in his article, but this fish is very 
common in MS and I have found that room temperature (72F) suits 
it quite well.  Water hardness is another matter.  The natural 
waters I've tested ranged from 13ppm (that's almost distilled!) to 
39ppm TDS.

> Has anyone ever built an evaporative cooling tower for fish water

Doesn't work in humid environments, like Mississippi's!


It makes me mad when I go to all the trouble of having Marta cook up about
a hundred drumsticks, and the guy at the Marineland says, "You can't throw
chicken to the dolphins. They eat fish." Sure they eat fish, if that's all
you give them. Man, wise up.