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Re: NFC: orangethroatdarters & redbelly dace

Lukes orangethroats are nicer than ours and his dace
are pretty good too... let me know if he cant supply
them and I will fix you up as I am sure he will
contact you right away.
> I would definitely like some of the southern (or
> northern) redbelly dace.  
Mark Binkley has OS sunfish for sale...they are $5.25
per fish and come from Minnesota Muskie Farm.  I got
three pair from Mark and they are doing fine.  These
are young fish and it will more than likely be summer
before they color up nicely.  You can find his site
at-------> http://www.jonahsaquarium.com/  He also has
a number of other fish.  By plains killies I can never
remember if you mean the kansae or the sciadicus. 
Luke and I will be collecting sciadicus next summer
for sure.  I have several locations where I collected
them and a very pretty form of SRBD last summer.  I
would send you some now but I had a disaster when I
returned exhausted from the 550 mile trip and did not
see the fish were in trouble until too late.  I now
treat all my fish with triple sulfa and it works
really well. 

> I'm also looking for orange spotted sunfish & plains
> killifish, if anyone 
> has any?  

I would stay away from bullheads, they are really
rough on your fish and may even eat them.  Try a
couple of young stonerollers...they make their living
eating the algae off the rocks in the bottom.  I
havent tried them yet with plants as I wonder what
they would do to plants. 

Also, young spotted suckers, if native to California
make good aquarium inhabitants and poke around the
bottom a lot.  Be aware that Fundulus kansae or
zebrinus may be a very aggressive fish in some

If you are interested in some fish for your home
tanks, that arent native to Colorodo, over the course
of the next year I can get you some dynamite fish. 


I haven't been able to come up with a
> bottom feeder yet, any 
> suggestions? (everyone keeps trying to talk me into
> a channel cat and I am 
> NOT doing that since I would like to keep the rest
> of my fish alive & have 
> no urge to have spines through my hand whenever I
> work on the tank)
> oh, robert,... garter snakes are in short supply
> this year because we were 
> so dry...I looked all year & only saw one (though it
> was absolutely 
> gorgeous, a very unusual salmon color stripes, I'm
> still kicking myself for 
> releasing it).  actually, I've been thinking about
> ordering a couple from 
> YOUR web site. ;)  My raise had better come soon...
> thanks everyone!,
> kris
> PS
> Should we be going off post to work out details? If
> folks give me their 
> numbers, I'll call you so the phone is on my bill.
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