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Re: NFC: Re: Cooler water

hy finkelstein wrote:
> Even here in hotter Southern California, I have had success with removing
> the lights and covers of the tanks and having a fan blowing across the
> tanks.  Water is much cooler than ambient room temperature.
> A second low tech approach is to drop plastic bags filled with ice into the
> tank or drop a plastic pop bottle filled with ice into the tank.  Monitor
> the temperature of the tank with a thermometer and adjust accordingly.

Thanks Hy. Those methods surely work for transient heat waves. 

I'd like to find a more permanent solution that provides the high level of
stability that Robert mentioned they need. For breeding many natives, I
suspect that we will always be frustrated by inability to provide the
long-term stability in indoor tanks that is nearly automatic in a pond or

I built one of Henri Debruyn's "Wet-Dry" systems for a 5G tank a while back,
and it does seem to provide much of what I want. See:


for a short write-up on it.

Now, if I just had a totally cool way to keep *light* on the plants without




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