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NFC: Cooler water

Recently Robert posted a neat article on the Flagfin Shiner, but the
temperature requirements were pretty tough for me to maintain.

Since this is a common problem with native fishes, I wonder what methods
people have evolved to inexpensively deal with the requirements of more
temperate fish.

Here is sunny CA, even right beside the cool bay, I have problems breeding
many W. African killies that come from the highlands of Gabon or the
Cameroons. Only for a few short winter months do unheated tanks get down low
enough for some of them to breed.

Air-conditioning my fishroom was a small help, but not enough to really get
them to spawn.

I have done OK with some of our desert killies, because their springs are
quite warm. Likewise, red shiners, mollies, etc. have done OK for me.

Has anyone ever built an evaporative cooling tower for fish water, or
adapted swamp-cooler water to chilling tanks? The cool earth would probably
make ponds a better solution, but, as a renter, I'm reluctant to make that

I'm receptive to any good ideas that folks have found to work. [Oh, yes, I
have a huge old refrigerator in my fishroom, but haven't plumbed it as a
chiller, yet.]



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