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Re: NFC: orangethroatdarters & redbelly dace

I'm certainly willing to pay shipping & a little money for the fish :).

I would definitely like some of the southern (or northern) redbelly dace.  
I'm trying to stick with fish that are native to eastern Colorado.  (I can 
import, just can't collect, I can trade once the fish are here, but can't 
buy. Of course, this is from the special permits person. It isn't anywhere 
in writing as far as I-or anyone else-can find. I've been jumping through 
hoops, and basically as long as I'm using these guys for education, and 
keeping them on federal property, no one seems to have a problem.)

I would REALLY like some orangethroat darters...I think their absolutely 
gorgeous.  They're a species of special concern in CO so having them in the 
tank would be a great chance to bring in water quality & preservation into 
the display.  (I'm working on the rest of the display too).

I don't think rainbows are found in CO, even as an introduced species.  
Though we (fish & wildlife agencies) aren't so good at researching them, 
mostly because we can't get any budget money to do it.

I'm also looking for orange spotted sunfish & plains killifish, if anyone 
has any?  I haven't been able to come up with a bottom feeder yet, any 
suggestions? (everyone keeps trying to talk me into a channel cat and I am 
NOT doing that since I would like to keep the rest of my fish alive & have 
no urge to have spines through my hand whenever I work on the tank)

oh, robert,... garter snakes are in short supply this year because we were 
so dry...I looked all year & only saw one (though it was absolutely 
gorgeous, a very unusual salmon color stripes, I'm still kicking myself for 
releasing it).  actually, I've been thinking about ordering a couple from 
YOUR web site. ;)  My raise had better come soon...

thanks everyone!,

Should we be going off post to work out details? If folks give me their 
numbers, I'll call you so the phone is on my bill.
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