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NFC: orangethroatdarters & redbelly dace

Okay Robert, now that you've got us westerners in full jealous mode, where 
can I get some?  I'd like a half dozen of each for my personal tanks and 
maybe two dozen orangethroat darters for my 180 gal tank at work. Unless 
there's a type of redbelly dace that is native to Colorado, then I want a 
dozen of those too!  Collecting isn't an option for me since I live in 
Colorado. The fish are here, but Division of Wildlife won't allow collection 
of any native critters except a few herps...also doesn't permit buying & 
selling within the state...does allow you to import them from other states 
though.  I hate it when state legislators dictate wildlife policy, they 
really don't have a clue and never listen to the biologists.

Any suggestions are where to buy or beg these fish would be really 
appreciated.  I don't have anything for trade unless folks are interested in 
snakes (hatchling blue beauties, breeding pair gulf hammock rat snakes, 
would consider trading radiated rats)


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