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Re: NFC: Gainesville Mud collecting anf the fundulus we found

I would love to join you, but that is a little to much of a drive for me to make
this weekend.  Let me know next time you plan one a little closer.


"James C. Guppenberger" wrote:

> At times like this..... I wish I had a camera to tape the mud and the
> collection efforts.....Americas funniest fish collecting trips....
> I will be going out this weekend and the next if anyone is interested. Since
> the wife is being induced into having the little guppy tomorrow, fishing is
> on for the weekend!   That is the 18 and the 19th if anyone wants to go....
> If not I plan to go the following weekend as well.... 25&26..... Drop me a
> note if you want to go!
> Titusville, Mims., Merrit Island, Melbourne, Cocoa, Rockledge is where I
> plan to go. I am going to find this place called the Satellite Beach
> Community Center and try it out, I read several reports stating this is a
> dumping ground for exotics, and the main intruduction way for exotics in
> that area.... ANYONE GAME?
> Chris Guppenberger
> p.s. Doug I lost your phone number that ya sent me! SORRY!
> www.floridafishresearch.com