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Re: NFC: Gainesville Mud collecting anf the fundulus we found

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From: "Doug Dame" <dameda at shands_ufl.edu>
To: <nfc at actwin_com>; <sdgoett at ufl_edu>
Sent: Sunday, November 12, 2000 12:13 AM
Subject: Re: NFC: Gainesville Mud collecting anf the fundulus we found

> Robert Rice wrote:
> >>   Well me and Doug Dame took a trip to Watermelon pond. ...
> >>  <snipped>  ... sadly it is no pond it is a swamp! ... <more snipped>
> >>  ... I'll allow Doug to wax on about our collecting prowess :)
> Which I read a while ago but I hadn't yet figured how to best respond,
until ...
> ... Scott Goett wrote:
> >>  Sorry to hear fish collecting sucked.  ..<snipped>
> .. which put me on the right track.
> It wasn't that the fishing was so bad ... it wasn't especially good in
terms of tons of keepers per man(person-year expended .... but that "the
story of the day" is that the predominant noise-effect was in fact huge
slurping suck noises whenever we (foolishly) attempted to move laterally. Of
course, we had to try to do that fairly regularly, because of our latent
fears that in the absence of concerted efforts otherwise, the default
movement would be the vertical dimension.
> However, the fishes for the most part found the whole thing to be vastly
entertaining. "Two Fins Up!" says the Fundulus Fun Club & Glee Society of
Watermelon Pond, "Continuous hilarious antics. The slow-motion mime parodies
of Michael Jackson moon-walking were particularly superb. Funniest thing to
hit these shores since Jerry Lewis. Robert Rice, returning to these parts
for the first time since producing and starring in a hit show eight months
ago, played the part of the large stupid human as if born to the role. Doug
Dame, debuting in the role of the small stupid human, was likewise perfectly
cast as Boy Mudster."
> In other news, according to Fisheriff Department's spokesfish Fundulus
"Barbara Wawa" lineolatus, a number of spectators to yesterday afternoon's
performance at the Fun Club & Glee Society have been reported missing. "It's
unfortunate, but this seems to always happen  whenever the human circus and
freak show comes to town. Some of the kids get too excited, they lose their
situational awareness, some run away and others just get swept away into
situations beyond their experience. Sadly, we rarely ever see any of them
again." According to the Sherfish's Office, all 22 members of Mrs. Fundulus
"Juanita Belzior's" lineolatus's Remedial First Grade Class for the
Incredibly Stupid and Slow are missing (including Mrs. FJBl herself and her
spouse), as are three members of a Fundulus chrysotus family from the really
shallow area over there. However, no residents of  Gloriosus Estates,
Heter-Town or Gambusia MobileHomePark have been reported missing at this
> d.d.