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NFC: Re: Friday collecting (Gainesville FL area)

Jim Capelle wrote: 

>>  Is this Hawthorne like the town on 301 going to Starke??  
>>  Like a three hour drive of about 140 miles, If so I was 
>>  hoping for something in south (I mean Central FL)  but 
>>  I could try the long drive again. 

Well, yes it is THAT Hawthorne, but .... 

.... that note (which I did not originally send to the list) was intended to tell Robert of a minor side-trip I might take on the way to the rendezvous at his place in Gainesville. Although I also work in Gainesville, I actually live 45 minutes due east of Gainesville in Interlachen, and so have to come through Hawthorne to get to Gainesville anyway, and I drive daily right by these promising looking places that I've never pulled over & checked out. 

I SUSPECT that Robert's first thoughts for a group junket emanating from Gainesville would be to do Poe Springs and/or Watermelon Pond, which are approx.  20 minutes northwest and west of Gainesville, respectively. I know he's had good luck at both those locations and they're easily accessible. 

Neither of them is especially convenient for you of course, and I don't have a good sense of exactly where most other "central florida" NFC-ers are located, it's a pretty darn big geographic area. 

In my mind, this unusual Friday thing is really mostly a "sneak in a quickie" opportunity, whereby locals can perhaps take advantage of the fact that the University is having Homecoming that day, and thus many local folks and students will either have the day off or will find it more acceptable than normal to take the day off. 

And serious and significant expedition would normally be scheduled for a weekend, of course, that's generally more convenient for the vast majority of people. 

Since the 11th Commandant (the one Moses dropped & broke on his way down the hill and was too embarrassed to mention) says there's no such thing as too many fish collecting expeditions, one of the things we Florida NFC-ers need to do is figure who we are, where we are, and where would be a (or several) good compromise areas to get together face-to-face. 

There's three of us I know of in Gainesville (Robert Rice, Scott Goett and me), you're in the Bay area somewhere, Chris Guppenberger is on the other coast in Titusville, and I'm sure there's a lurker or two I'm not thinking of offhand (apologies in advance). That group of five people is fairly nicely centered on the Lake Eustis/Leesburg axis, there's a lot of water in that area and we ought to be able to find some interesting places and good stuff. I've never done any collecting down there myself yet, however, so I don't personally have any ideas other than looking at a map. Wouldn't mind trying to snorkel with a Cyp. vari. hubbsi though, that would be neat and quite likely something our grandchildren won't have a chance to do. (>>> Aside:  rush out and VOTE if you haven't.) 

I could ramble on & on, but I need to go home and tend to the fish !!!


Doug Dame
Interlachen/Gainesville FL