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NFC: Welcome to Central Texas

Open letter to Dakota, and the rest of you may be interested as well

I really must apologize.  here you are moving into my back yard, and I 
haven't been able to do much to help you.  This, that and t'other get in the 
way every time you're down here.  And more on the way.  (My wife had surgery 
today; she'll be laid up 6-8 weeks.)

So I'll pass this small bit of local info your way, and the rest of you 
listen up.  As we've discussed, natives are probably only my third reason to 
be on the water, the first being fly fishing and kayaking.  I try when I can 
to combine all three.  As opposed to your bait chuckers and bass tournament 
pros, the fly fishers are generally much more helpful to others, and the 
paddlers always enjoy company.  Even if you're not interested in those 
sports, check out your local organizations to see what they have for you as a 
native collector.  They probably have websites listing local waters.  You 
see, they are very interested in your rivers and especially access points.  
And they're willing to share their experiences.  For instance, Dakota, check 
out the info at http://members.aol.com/ausflyfish or  
http://www.texasflyfishing.com/rivers.htm  and then let me know where you 
want to try out.  We've already discussed in the forum the U of Texas Natural 
History collection database.  All of you, check out this sort of thing for 
your area.  I know they probably exist, because I always check out the local 
scene for fishing opportunities before I ever travel.  Have fun and good 
fishin' or as the fly fishers say - "Tight lines".

Jack Lehman, Austin TX  
Don't sweat the petty things,
and don't pet the sweatty things