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NFC: Fw: Urge the Army Corps to Restore the Missouri River and Endangered Species!


Visit http://www.savethemissouri.org to send a free e-postcard to 
help save this historic river.

Speak Out Now to Save the Missouri River and Endangered Species.
The US Army Corp of Engineers is in the process of reviewing its 
Missouri River Master Manual, which will determine how the Corps 
manages water flow from the dams on the river for the next half 
century. As recommended by the US Fish and Wildlife Service in its 
Biological Opinion, the Corps must implement a "spring rise," 
increasing water flows from the last dam on the river in May and June 
to prevent the extinction of three endangered and threatened species.

Email TODAY to urge the Army Corps of Engineers to do what is right 
for the people of the Missouri River Basin and its wildlife by 
adopting the recommendations of the Fish and Wildlife Service in its 
preferred alternative for the Missouri River Master Manual. For more 
information, visit American Rivers' Missouri River Campaign Web site 

Take action by visiting http://www.savethemissouri.org TODAY!