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NFC: Interesting Article, Plus Personal Intro

Baltimore Sun Article
States miss goals for bay: Various aims to cut nutrient pollution fail along
coast; Experts see turnaround

After 13 years of trying, the multistate effort to clean up the Chesapeake
Bay will not meet its goal of reducing harmful nutrient runoff by 40 percent
this year, and there are no signs that water quality has improved.
But cleanup experts say the goals will be met by 2003, and the bay's health
should get noticeably better soon after.

Rest of the article is at

I live in Northern Virginia, work in Washington, D.C., and have lived in
Maryland (until recently) for almost 25 years. Though new to the concept of
learning about and keeping native fish, I'm not new to the concept of local
environmental topics. With kids, job and stuff, though, I haven't been doing
anything for several years. My growing interest in native fish, though,
merges nicely with my long-dormant environmental interests.

Are there are any other folks in the Washington, D.C./Potomac Basin area on
this list? If so, I'd like to connect with you (electronically if not in
real life) so I can learn more about the fish and plants native to our
region. Also, I'm interested in going on a collecting trip sometime (I guess
now I'd have to wait until the weather warms up some).

Thanks!  :)