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NFC: Fwd: WORLD NEWS REVIEW, Friday, November 3, 2000 (fwd)

>                   THE WASHINGTON POST, November 1, 2000
>    The Siberian Channel Complex constitutes the largest nuclear river
>                   contamination anywhere in the world!
>   Dangerous radioactivity has been found in waterways flowing from a
>Russian nuclear complex in Siberia at levels higher than would come from
>10,000 commercial nuclear reactors, U.S. and Russian nuclear watchdog
>groups said Wednesday.
>   "We are shocked at the levels of contamination," said Tom Carpenter,
>director of the Government Accountability Project's office in Seattle,
>Wash., who helped conduct tests in the Tom and Romashca rivers.
>     The groups have demanded an immediate end to dumping nuclear waste
>from the complex, site of secret nuclear weapons tests development
>during the Soviet years and where an explosion spread radioactivity in
>     The levels were too high to have originated at a nuclear power plant
>or normal reprocessing activities and suggested the possible presence of
>an unacknowledged nuclear weapons-grade reactor or giant nuclear
>   Samples in areas of cattle-grazing and fishing show a picture of fish
>  that registered with levels of radioactivity more than 20 times normal
>               and said it would be harmful if it was eaten.
>   Findings were presented at a news conference by Carpenter and Norm
>Buske, a physicist and oceanographer with the watchdog groups who said
>that nuclear waste was being "straight-piped" into the environment.
>THE GUARDIAN, November 2-Radioactivity is leaking into the soil (in
>Russia) at the rate in the region because of the practice of storing
>waste from the reactrors in liquid form, which is pumped deep below